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The United Association’s UA University Training System consists of the UA’s Great Lakes Training Center located in Ann Arbor, MI and over 350 Local Union Training facilities in the United States and Canada. These programs spend as a collective group over $200 million dollars each year on training serving over 340,000 of its members.  

The facilities are designed to:

  • Support and enhance existing training programs.
  • Train instructors more quickly through the use of specialized onsite classes and Internet-based classes.
  • Provide training in specialized certification programs not available at all local unions.
  • Provide local union’s access to specialized pieces of equipment, enabling them to offer courses right at home that they could not otherwise provide.
  • Conduct highly specialized (and expensive) training that may not be feasible to hold at every training site.

UA University also serves as a place for UA members to get other available training options. UA members are eligible to take a variety of specialized classes, some of which can be applied toward degree programs at Washtenaw Community College (WCC), the National Labor College, and Ferris State University.

For example the UA and WCC have made it easy for you to get your associate degree. You can earn 32 credits as you complete your apprenticeship. Alternatively, if you've already completed your apprenticeship, you can take the UA STAR exam and obtain the 32 credits too. These 32 credits put you halfway to an associate degree.

Once you've completed your associate degree you may decide to go forward and earn a bachelor degree. The UA has partnered with the National Labor College and Ferris State University to create programs tailored to UA members transferring from Washtenaw Community College.

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