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The United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing and Pipefitting Industry of the United States and Canada (UA), an international trade union has one of the largest union backed memberships in the country more than 347,000 strong. 


The UA was founded October 11, 1889 in Washington, DC.  Its predominance is that of a craft union with nearly 90 percent of its active membership employed in the construction industry.  Work performed by its members includes construction, renovation, expansion and repair of facilities in every sector of the economy. Members perform high purity process piping installations in pharmaceutical, chemical, and semiconductor plants. They install piping systems, plumbing fixtures, heating, air conditioning and ventilation systems. Their work can be found in power generation facilities, schools, libraries, and other government buildings as well as single-family homes, hotels, and condominiums virtually every place people live, work and play.


The UA has approximately 350 schools in the US and Canada, in addition to other facilities that our apprenticeship programs use, such as community colleges and technical schools. It is estimated that the UA’s training funds spend more than $4 million per week in training. Each school costs an average of $1.5 million including land, buildings and equipment. Over 200 million dollars are spent each year in the training of apprentices and journeymen.


The International Pipe Trades Joint Training Committee, the educational development entity of the UA, has written and published more than 100 training manuals and has developed the UA training programs. The following is a list of books and classes available to apprentices and journeymen.


Course Material

  • A Guide to Service Work
  • Advanced Plan Reading & Related Drawing
  • Advanced Valve Repair
  • Air Conditioning
  • Auto CAD
  • Backflow Prevention & Cross-Connection Control
  • Basic Electricity
  • Plumbing Code Application
  • Combustion Analysis & Fuel Efficiency
  • Conservation & Safe Handling of Refrigerants
  • Customer Service Skills
  • Crane and Rigging Handbook
  • Drainage
  • Drawing Interpretation & Plan Reading
  • Electric Controls for Mechanical Equipment Service
  • Exam View 6.2
  • Foreman Training
  • Gas Installations
  • Gas Tungsten Arc-Welding
  • Geo Thermal Training
  • Green Awareness Systems
  • How to Give a Damn Good Speech
  • Hydronic Heating & Cooling
  • HVACR Manual
  • Inside the Heat Pump
  • Instrumentation & Process Control
  • Job Safety & Health
  • Labor in America
  • Medical Gas Systems Installers & Brazer Qualification Training Course
  • NFPA-13 – Standard for the Installation of Sprinkler Systems
  • NFPA-13D – Installation of Sprinkler Systems
  • NFPA-99– Health Care Facilities
  • NFPA-99C– Gas and Vacuum Systems
  • Oxy-Fuel Cutting & Welding & Shielded Metal-Arc Welding
  • Pipe, Fittings, Valves, Supports & Fasteners
  • Piping Handbook & Offset Formulas
  • Pipe Trades Handbook
  • Plumbing Fixtures & Appliances
  • Plumbing Residential (4-year) Instructor CD Set
  • Pneumatic Controls
  • Pocket Reference Charts
  • Practical Bolting
  • Pumps
  • Refrigerant Controls
  • Refrigeration
  • Related Mathematics
  • Related Science
  • Residential Training Program
  • Rigging
  • Skilled Hands, Strong Spirits
  • Soldering & Brazing
  • Standard for Excellence
  • Start, Test & Balance
  • Steam Systems
  • Tube Bending
  • UA Pipe Designer 3D
  • Universal R-410A Safety & Training
  • Use & Care of Tools
  • Valve Actuator Repair Training
  • Valve Repair
  • Water Supply
  • Your Heritage & Future in the Pipe Trades 

UA Emergency Relief Fund

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