Our Welding Certifications Set Us Apart

Developed and designed to help meet the growing need for experienced, quality welders, our UA certification programs have no parallel in the building and construction industry. We provide general & site-specific training to apprentices and journeymen, and provide pre-tested, certified and immediately available welders throughout the U.S. and Canada at no cost to the construction user. 

UA Welder Training and Certification Program

The United Association established the UA Welder Training and Certification Program to provide comprehensive training and qualification for our member welders. The program trains and qualifies welders in the SMAW, GTAW, GMAW, FCAW, Machine, Semi-Automatic, Automatic and Orbital Welding processes. Since its inception in 1993, the UA’s welder training and certification program has qualified over 45,000 welders. The flexible program can accommodate special requirements of project owners and contractors.  An owner can request that welders be tested and certified for a specialized procedure that may be needed on a new or unique process. The UA WCP is accepted by owners and contractors, such as American Electric Power, British Petroleum, Entergy, Conoco-Phillips, Fluor, Ashland/Marathon, Commonwealth Edison, Shell Chemical, Black & Veetch and Bechtel.

As a demonstration of industry’s recognition of the significant benefits of the program the Construction Users Roundtable (CURT) presented its prestigious 2005 Workforce Development Award to the joint UA/NCPWB Welder Certification Program. 

AWS Certified Welding Inspector Certification

The AWS Certified Welding Inspector certification is widely recognized in the welding industry.   Many UA Certified Welding Inspectors are currently putting their skills to work by ensuring the integrity of welded assemblies, assisting contractors read project specifications, as well as assisting in evaluating projects to determine compliance to applicable codes and standards.  It is only fitting that in this time of incredible growth and demand for highly qualified welders in the construction industry that the UA shows the world we hold our testing and qualification processes to the highest standards. 

To help our members obtain the AWS-CWI credential, the UA offers a Certified Welding Inspector training program. This intensive course is designed to prepare participants to successfully complete the AWS Certified Welding Inspector Examination. 

Accelerated Welder Training Program

To address the shortage of trained and qualified welders in the construction industry, the United Association established an accelerated welder training program.  Students are invited to participate in the training program on a voluntary basis.  Training is provided to the students at no cost and the program is approximately 18 weeks in duration, consisting of 40-hour weeks and eight-hour days.  Classes are administered by UA Instructors and are held daily Monday through Friday at designated UA Training Facilities. Participants who complete the requirements of the welder training program are eligible for the UA Apprenticeship Program. 

Participants in the UA’s Veterans in Piping (VIP) Program are also eligible to complete the Accelerated Welder Training Program.